Part 2: How to Impress a Teenage Daughter With Coupons–The Receipt

A good friend and TFF reader challenged me yesterday while at lunch. She read the post about my daughter, “How to Impress a Teenage Daughter With Coupons,” and asked me what I’m buying and how I’m saving all that money. She wondered if I was buying actual food or things like gum/candy. I loved her challenge!! So, I dug through my purse to find the actual receipt, but of course it was at home. So…here’s the breakdown, and part of the receipt (the whole scan won’t fit):

  • 1 Maxwell House coffee on sale w/coupon
  • 3 bottles of ShopRite seltzer on sale
  • 4 bags of Pepperidge Farm Swirl bread on sale w/coupons (a breakfast favorite in our house)
  • 1 bag of navel oranges on sale
  • 4 boxes of Land O’Lakes butter on sale w/coupons
  • 1 cream cheese on sale
  • 2 blocks of Sorrento Mozzarella cheese on sale w/coupons
  • 1 Celeste personal size pizza for a teenager’s snack ;–), on sale
  • 1 bag of ShopRite potato chips to satisfy my daughter’s craving, not on sale
  • 1 bag of Entenmann’s donuts per my husband’s request, not on sale
coupon savings
I spent $23.47. Without sales and coupons, I would have shelled out an additional $47.99. Add that together for $71.46. (I told my daughter I would have paid $75, but that was guesstimating while driving!)

As always, let us know other strategies you’ve used to impress your doubtful teens or other family members with your savings! 

~Marilyn, TFF

ps: the receipt says 20 items, but I only bought 19. So….I think the bottle deposits count as 1 item.