You CAN Freeze Eggs…But…Do You Want To?

This week, ShopRite’s .99 for 18 (non-oganic) eggs is too good to pass up. So, here I am with 36 eggs in my fridge! 

freezing eggs
Egg yolks taken out of the freezer…

My intent was to freeze one carton of eggs. You can, after all. There are many posts around the Internet about how to do it (crack them a couple/few at a time in a bowl, mix them very gently, add a pinch of salt, put in freezer, defrost in fridge and use for baking or scrambled eggs). In fact, last year, I froze a few egg yolks (when I was on my big kick of eating only egg whites). Since frozen eggs are good for a year, it was safe enough for me to pull them out and defrost them. I did. But, I can’t get myself to USE them! My husband doesn’t want them. And if they are only yolks, it doesn’t make sense to bake with them. They are in my fridge wasting away the past two days. Do I throw them out? Do I use them?

The bottom line is that I probably won’t freeze my ShopRite eggs. I’ll use them up without a problem (omelets) and things I can bake and definitely freeze.

If anyone out there has any experience with the egg-freezing procedure, please let us know. I would like to try it one day with whole eggs, not JUST the yolk!

Addendum: I just found a great post with links to recipes that use egg yolks! I’m going to dive in and make something with my extras.

frozen eggs
Eggs defrosted in my fridge…in limbo.

~Marilyn, TFF


4 thoughts on “You CAN Freeze Eggs…But…Do You Want To?

  1. I am lost as to why you won’t bake, using “just the yolks.” Simply substitute 2 egg whites or 2 yolks for a whole egg in baking. The frozen eggs just need to be brought up to room temp and used, why waste them? I’d bake a cake, cookies, a quiche, muffins, what have you. Just my 2 cents.

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