What’s for Lunch? Low-Glycemic Leftovers

low glycemic lunchWhat do you do with a handful of leftover tuna, chickpeas, dried cranberries and almonds? Well, if you’re trying to whittle down your waistline and cholesterol — mix it together and have it for lunch (with a bit of salt, pepper and tablespoon of lemon juice). It was one of the best lunches I have had in a long time, and I’m feeling more energetic than ever. I fell off the wagon on my low-glycemic way of eating that I started last year — bread found its way back into my waistline. Ugh. But, now that springtime is coming, it’s time to get back to business. I’ve ditched the bread for a few days, but now, I have to get back to real low-glycemic index foods. Today was a start!

If you’re starting up your low-glycemic way of eating again, check out this great chocolate bar recipe, as well.

~Marilyn, TFF