If You Don’t See a Payoff with Coupons, You Won’t Use Them. So, Stop Beating Yourself Up!

In one week, I must have had three people apologize to me for not couponing the “correct” way. Listen up:

1. There’s no “correct” way to coupon.

2. It takes time to figure out how to coupon the correct way for your lifestyle.

3. I am far from perfect when using coupons. 

coupon example
Here’s a PowerPoint slide from one of my workshops where I talk about the payoff from couponing.

You will be glad to hear that I left the house last evening knowing full well I had to dip into ShopRite to pick up some snacks for an impromptu sleepover my son was having. Did I take my coupons. No. Did I buy things that weren’t on sale? A couple of things (but most items were on sale). When I walked out of the store I was a little annoyed with myself, but you know, that’s life and we can’t always have a bag of coupons attached at our hip (although I’m sure there are people out there that do have them glued to their hips).

If you are upset that you are spending too much on groceries but have every intention of couponing, but forget the darn things, there’s a reason. You don’t see the payoff in couponing.

I get it! If you spend $100 on groceries and save a paltry $3 from coupons, that’s hardly motivating. If you usually spend $100 on groceries but you end up paying $50 or less for the same amount of items using coupons, well, that’s motivating and you’ll keep couponing. But honestly, that happens after lots of trial and error, planning and  finding a way to get multiple coupons for the same product.

(By the way, when you start couponing, the tendency is to go haywire, try to run after every sale, and end up spending more than you should–but that all calms down after a while.)

Don’t sweat it! Just buy items on sale and don’t fret about the darn coupons!

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~Marilyn, TFF


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