5 thoughts on “Super Quick Post on Homemade Falafel Mix Found on Reddit

  1. That’s a lot of money AND a lot of work. I just buy authentic falafel mix at my local WalMart. It’s in the Jewish/exotic foods aisle. It’s only $1.99 for a one pound mix. You just add water, form into little balls and fry. I use half of the mix per meal. Makes around 10 or so falafels I then stuff into pita bread, add chopped salad & tomatoes and top with home made tahini sauce. Makes around 4 falafel sandwiches, which could feed four people BUT hubby and I eat everything! They’re delish! Comes to around 30 cents to 50 cents a sandwich. If we were to go to a restaurant that serves falafels, the charge is $7.25 (gulp) per sandwich!

    1. Is it? Oh, okay. I never made it before, so it looked intriguing. I was turned off by boxed falafel mix when I picked it up in a health store in Westport and it had dust on it and the bottom of the box was wet or something. Ew.

      1. Well, yes….the product doesn’t have a big following. Not too many people know about falafel and how delish it is! My Wal Mart seems to have a good turn around. I will admit I haven’t bought it in a while, but the last time I did, the price was $1.99 a box. I found it to be very good.

        You got me in the mood for falafel so much, that hubby and I want to head over to our favorite Jewish/Organic restaurant that specializes in falafel. Going there for Valentine’s Day! The sandwiches there are only $3.99 and they bake their own pita bread. So, it’s worth the trip.

        Good luck. Enjoy!

    2. Ha-ha!! Didn’t know falafel could be found at Walmart so guess it’s at all the regular grocery stores, too. Can’t wait to go find it tomorrow…now that the kids are back in school, I’m FREE, FREE, FREE! I can go shopping and think straight tomorrow without the kids! And as a treat, I’m getting a box of falafel, darn it! ~Marilyn, TFF ;–)

      1. Let me know how you like it. It makes a very healthy sandwich. I’ve been eating them since I was a little girl. I love them! The first time I turned my hubby on to them, he had never heard of them. Now, he loves them. And when I brought my best best friend to the jewish deli, she refused to eat one. So, I ate mine in the car. She said it smelled and looked so good, she stopped the car and drove back to get one for herself! Have fun. Enjoy! (PS I’m originally from Brooklyn…..the birthplace of falafels. 🙂

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