The Dilemma of Finding a Gem at Goodwill: Keep It or Sell It? (A Kate Spade Purse…)

kate spade purseBy pure accident, I found a beautiful mint condition vintage Kate Spade satin purse just staring me in the face while I was zooming around Goodwill last week.  Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t care about designer labels (anymore). But this purse literally hit me in the face; it must have just been thrown on to the display rack and the eBay hunters hadn’t had a chance to grab it yet. So, I did. For $15, it’s just lovely. It’s made in the U.S., and it was less expensive than the great deal on the Vera Wang purse I bought from Kohl’s (made in China, of course)! So, I don’t need the Kate Spade purse. But, I don’t know what to do with it: keep it or sell it? I did my due diligence and researched the heck out of it and yup, it’s authentic. (Did I mention it’s lovely!?) If I use it, then I can’t sell it. But if I sell it, I can’t use it. I could get a bit of pocket money if I sold it, but not that much to sway me in either direction. Having this sort of dilemma over a purse is pretty silly and hilarious…but what do I do…what would YOU do?!

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By the way, the first in a series of TFF eBooks, “Dress for Less: Learn to Buy Quality New Clothes for You & Your Family,” is coming out shortly on Amazon Kindle (no link available yet but here’s a preview of the cover)! Maybe this Kate Spade purse will make it into the revised edition next year!

~Marilyn, TFF

12 thoughts on “The Dilemma of Finding a Gem at Goodwill: Keep It or Sell It? (A Kate Spade Purse…)

  1. I just came home from the local Goodwill (in Fairfield County) where I purchased a chocolate satin kate spade handbag that looks exactly like yours for only twelve dollars. It doesn’t even look like it was ever used, and came with a matching kate spade wallet inside. When I went online to search out some info on it, I stumbled across your blog post. What a coincidence that we found the same type bag at two different Goodwill stores in the same county! Have fun enjoying yours!

    1. Thanks! I contemplated selling mine, but I decided to keep it. I used it once, then realized it was too small for everyday needs, so I put it in a protective plastic bag and will keep it for special occasions or maybe, just maybe, give it to my daughter if she’s ever interested.

  2. I have that same bag — have had it since my sister gave it to me as a gift for being her matron of honor many years ago. Has held up amazingly well! Enjoy.

  3. Every woman should have a designer piece. They are actually a good deal because they last a long time. I went through countless cheap bags from local box stores before someone gave me a Coach bag as a gift. It looks as good today as the day I got it. I went through so many diaper bags before investing in a Ju-Ju Be, which has served me for years. Enjoy your find!

  4. As the mother of an ex-employee of Kate Spade, and as a woman who has oodles of Kate Spade designer bags (all given to me for free from my wonderful daughter) I have very sad news for you. I tried to sell my supposedly-expensive gems, only to find they just sit and sit and sit and sit and no one really buys them. I did sell ONE sample for $15 (yup! fifteen dollars).

    The stuff has no value. I pity the poor women (literally) who spent $450 and more for these handbags. Chanel, they are not!

    Keep the bag and enjoy it. That’s what I am doing. And I have 17 of them I just interchange with the seasons. (Plus perfume, sheet sets and on and on………..)

    1. PS: I have the same bag and it makes a great computer, iPad, etc. holder. In other words, find another use for it and enjoy!

      PSS: Plus I have a huge messenger bag which I use for weekend travel jaunts and a medium satin messenger bag which holds my iBook.

      PSSS: AND don’t get me started on Jack Spade, Kate’s husband….he put out his own line also.

        1. Perhaps an iPhone? Apple is coming out with 3 new products soon. I am certain the bag can be re-used or re-purposed for something else.

          Good luck.

    2. Glad I have an insider scoop!!! I probably will save it and use it. It’s almost too much trouble to sell, anyhow, lol! (It’s still lovely to me….because I don’t recall if I ever even had a “designer” bag before–maybe I did in my 20s….). ~Marilyn, TFF

      1. Marilyn,
        Not too many people know about Kate Spade as they do with other designers, such as Chanel or Michael Kors. It’s like an insider thing.

        Enjoy it. I love going out with my Kate Spade (free) handbags. Leather is leather. Satin is satin.

        Have fun.

        1. Would be great to find a Chanel bag at Goodwill! Ha! My next stop, actually, is to take a peek into a Greenwich, CT thrift shop that I hear is great. Don’t know the name of it, but one of my friends said she wants to go. Couldn’t hurt! I’ll be sure to wear my Kate Spade bag when I go to Greenwich LOL! ~M, TFF

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