Money Quote for Monday: Amy Dacyczyn on Why She Chose to Live a Frugal Life

Anyone who has followed TFF knows Amy Dacyczyn’s work has had a huge influence on my life. I am honored to share some of her wisdom in this post. One of my absolute favorite (and obscure) quotes of Amy’s is this, and I’ll explain why below: tightwad

“Think back to your original objective [why you want to be frugal]. In our case, we wanted three things–a large family, a large rural home, and time to enjoy our children and home. Our objective was not to amass the largest bank account possible.” -Amy Dacyczyn, The Tightwad Gazette II

What her quote did for throngs of her readers was to give us permission to be frugal for reasons other than having the largest checking account on the block. (Although I would still love to have the largest checking account on the block, lol! And I’m sure the Dacyczyns ended up with a pretty large bank account due to their success.)

This quote also allows us to revise our objectives for living frugally. Perhaps Amy Dacyczyn has different reasons now for living a frugal lifestyle. My husband and I had a couple of original objectives early on in our marriage for becoming frugal: In our case, we wanted two things back then–the ability to pay our bills with ease even if one of us or both of us lost our jobs and the ability for me to become a stay-at-home mom once we had kids. We fulfilled those objectives, and now, our objectives for living a frugal life have matured as we’ve grown our family and grown older. Some of our other objectives have to do with college, retirement, and growing our bank accounts! But, we still love to squeeze every drop out of every dollar we spend!

Looking forward to a frugal week ;–)

~Marilyn, TFF