Money Quote for Monday: What NEVER to Say to Your Kids About Money!

If anything, resolve to never say these four words to your kids (or to yourself). Ever. If you do say them on a regular basis it will sink into a their subconscious and they will grow up thinking this way about themselves. So, here goes–immediately stop saying: 

“We can’t afford it.”

To read and see more about why this is critical, see author/teacher Carol Tuttle’s fantastic video (it’s a short, powerful video) about why this is so. afford it

Another favorite author/teacher of mine, Marilyn Jenett, of Feel Free to Prosper, talks about this frequently on interviews and in her lessons. I recently heard her talk about this quote on a webinar — the replay is no longer available :–(. She says never, ever say “I can’t afford” — three most important words to eliminate from your vocabulary.

And just a note: I have absolutely no ties to these two authors, I just love learning from their experience and wisdom!

~Marilyn, TFF


5 thoughts on “Money Quote for Monday: What NEVER to Say to Your Kids About Money!

  1. My daughter grew up NOT saying ‘I want that’. Instead, she would always say ‘I’m getting that!” Today, she is part of the 1% and has gotten anything her little heart desires. Go figure.

    1. Hi! Love it, my 14-year-old daughter is JUST LIKE THAT! She amazes me. Most recently she had her heart set on purchasing a new phone (w/her own money) and I couldn’t believe all the statements she’d use–she was naturally manifesting it (she’d say “I was looking at my phone today online,” and “When I have my phone, I’ll need a case for it,” etc. I was actually quite stunned when we found out that exact model was not available in our area and she had to get another model. I couldn’t believe she didn’t actually make that exact one appear! Anyhow, too funny. But she is definitely one who doesn’t know the term “can’t afford” which is good, but sometimes it can drive me nuts when she gets it in her mind that she wants something.

      1. It’s true. I do it in my own life. I have my heart set on seeing Barcelona this year and within the next 2 years, buying a mini-rPod (green technology RV) and seeing the Grand Canyon, Montreal, Niagara Falls and driving cross country. It’s just a matter of time (not money)! That’s all.

        1. So true! Your trips sound phenomenal! I visited Barcelona looooooong ago when the Olympics were there, I think? I absolutely fell in love with the city and the architecture (and the food).

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