Cheap and Easy Way to Get Grease Stains Out of Kids’ Clothing! (I Just Used It Today!)

I know there are loads of tips out there about how to get stains out of clothes. None work for me. Until today.

Last week I spent $20 (!!) on a sweatshirt for my son’s wrestling class and of course in a couple of days, it was riddled with ugly, awful grease stains I couldn’t get out. I even tried my husband’s heavy-duty stain-removal cream he buys at Home Depot. But what worked was Dawn Dish Detergent (original). I luckily had a little bottle of it that I got for pennies with a coupon (of course!). I still have to do a second washing, I think, but the results were amazing. See for yourself! ~Marilyn, TFF

stained sweatshirt
Yuck. Greasy stains that won’t come out!
detergent and toothbrush
Dawn detergent and toothbrush.
I brushed in the Dawn detergent, then threw it in the wash (cold water).
Clean(er) and ready to go!