Don’t Trash Your J.C. Penney Coupon Like I Almost Did!

Check your email inbox for a $10 coupon from JCPenney.

I almost trashed my $10 J.C. Penney coupon when I saw it in my email inbox last week. The email subject line read, “A Letter and a Gift From Our CEO.” So, I trashed it without even opening it until the word “gift” hit me that it could actually be the $10 coupon that so many of us miss receiving from the store! It was, so glad. I loved getting those coupons–I used to go to the store and pick up a little treat for myself or for my kids with that coupon. So, if you did receive an email from J.C. Penney, and you trashed it, try to retrieve it right away.

I don’t care how many people are criticizing the store for re-issuing these coupons. Thank you, J.C. Penney. Us tightwads miss those $10 coupons!

~Marilyn, TFF


One thought on “Don’t Trash Your J.C. Penney Coupon Like I Almost Did!

  1. Yes, it’s great – $10 off on anything $10 or more. Use it or lose it! Thanks for the reminder, Marilyn! ~Aimee, TFF

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