Quotable Quotes for Sustainable Serenity 10.14.12

Maybe you are like me, and when you were 10, you routinely read your parents’ copy of Reader’s Digest.  My favorite page was “Quotable Quotes.”  Perhaps this is where I got my inspiration to start a chapbook of quotes and words of wisdom to help guide me to best overcome the adversity of life with grace and determination. 

There are a lot of great quotes from Albert Einstein out there.  Here is one of my favorites:

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

There are many ways to interpret this quote.  As a teacher, one of the first things that comes to mind is that a standardized test score does not accurately measure student success, nor what s/he knows and is capable of doing.  There aren’t standardized tests that exist that demonstrate an appreciation for the multiple intelligences a person has.

If you’ve read other blogposts I’ve written, you know that what I also take away from this quote is that which is akin to another quote, “The best things in life are not things.”  What matters most is making a difference in other people’s lives, whether it is building relationships via family, friends, and neighbors or doing community service; gratitude and appreciation.

Here is one of three stories I found on the web about this quote that resonates with me and what it means to redefine success:

“Some time ago, a very successful executive had announced his retirement after 35 years of an illustrious career. I went to his office to say goodbye and wish him well. During our chat, I asked him “What were the most memorable moments of your career?”

Knowing about his track record and reputation, I was expecting to hear about the number of patents that he had created, how many new products he had introduced, the number of deals he had done, or the amount of money he made to provide financial independence for next few generations.

Instead, to my surprise, he opened a scrapbook.  Inside, there were notes from many people: from all walks of life and from all levels of organizations.  Some were simple sentences and some were a few paragraphs.  All of them were personal: some acknowledging his contributions and many notes of thanks and appreciation for the difference he had made in people’s lives.” ~Friday Reflections, Working Wisdom You Can Use

No matter at what age or financial bracket you are in, feeling appreciated is what counts the most.

Deep Pink Roses
Deep Pink Roses (Photo credit: RevNaomi) convey appreciation.

In redefining success, may you engage in the basic gesture of appreciating others and, in turn, are appreciated for your efforts.

~Aimee~, TFF

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