Updated: The Tightwad’s Notebook: Lesson #18–Get Your New Walgreens Loyalty Card (a.k.a. Balance Rewards Card)

The Tightwad’s Notebook: Lesson #18–Get Your New Walgreens Loyalty Card (a.k.a. Balance Rewards Card)

If you haven’t heard yet, Walgreens has a brand new Balance Rewards program. As you may have read in my recent post about CVS Extra Bucks, I’ve resisted shopping drugstores in the past few months because of all the required mental math gymnastics. Now Walgreens has its new program up and running as of September–sort of like an Extra Bucks program–you rack up points for qualifying purchases, once you hit a certain number, you can redeem them (or continue earning) in the form of “redemption dollars” to use in store towards a purchase. I joined because as a tightwad, I can’t leave free money on the table. What I do like about this program is that the points have a long expiration date; points expire three years after they are earned or if an account has been inactive for six months. Walgreens still has its Register Rewards program and it’s separate from Balance Rewards. The fine print says you can also use coupons on purchases that rack up points. Let the confusion begin :–)

»»» Update as of 10.9.12: There is indeed an actual physical loyalty card you can get from the store. Or, if you forget it, you can use your phone number on the key pad to get the points due you. I was also informed that Register Receipts aren’t necessarily going to go away. The paper version will go away, and all rewards will go on your card or virtual card. This benefits those shoppers who constantly throw out or never use their Register Rewards. But you have to remember the card! LOL! 

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One thought on “Updated: The Tightwad’s Notebook: Lesson #18–Get Your New Walgreens Loyalty Card (a.k.a. Balance Rewards Card)

  1. I was so confused with this new program I talked to Walgreens directly and spoke to a manager in customer service who was extremely helpful.
    The first thing she said was the RR’s, which is not a Walgreen’s program, but a Catalina Co., is being phased out. The
    customer service lady said while the points can be used on anything in the store (with certain restrictions, such as not on tobacco, alcohol etc.) not to use the points on an item that has points attached to it as you will forfeit the points on the item you are buying.
    She went on to say you can get points on prescriptions 500 for a 30 day supply and 1.500 for a 90 day supply ( not on a government funded program such as Medicare, etc ).
    A flu shot is 1.500 points regardless of whether you are on Medicare or not.
    When you register for this program in the store they will want your email address, you will then be sent emails with alerts of how to receive extra points.
    I think this will be much easier than the old system when there was a limit to the how many different coupons you could on an item They always seemed to have an excuse why I couldn’t use a coupon,I just gave up and stopped going there as much.
    I would say if you have questions call customer service and ask to speak to a manager.
    The lady I spoke with was most helpful and knowledgeable, something in short supply these days.

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