E-Reader & Kindle Users: Beware that Silent “Buy” Button

kindleI have a love/hate relationship with my Kindle. It saves me money, yet it can be dangerous to my budget. The book “sample” is a great free feature of the Kindle, but the not-so-free big, black “buy” button is going to do me in. I’m starting to get sucked into the digital world of buying content; it’s too easy to order a book under $10 instead of waiting to see if it’s available at the library. I also feel like it’s too confusing to download a book to my Kindle from the library.

In two months, I’ve already spent almost $20 on two books for myself that I would have otherwise waited to read. (I spent about $10 on another book a couple of months ago for a book club discussion because it wasn’t available at the library.) And, I’ve hit the buy button on a bunch of .99 cent books, too. In fact, I just read two samples and ordered a book from one of the samples. Only a buck, but still. It adds up.

It’s just too easy to order a book on an E-reader. Push the purchase button and Amazon wirelessly delivers the book at the speed of light with its silent Whispernet technology. You don’t hear a thing when you order or even receive your book, so it’s almost like you didn’t spend any money at all! Ha!

But, there’s nothing like reading a Kindle in bed. I can magnify that font size (have you noticed how tiny the fonts are now in print magazines/books/newspapers? Or is it just me…getting older…?) and I don’t have to constantly adjust myself so I can see the left-hand side of a book while I’m lying on my left side to read. It’s heaven. Love my Kindle, hate that “buy” button.

~Marilyn, TFF


2 thoughts on “E-Reader & Kindle Users: Beware that Silent “Buy” Button

  1. Hi. All you have to do is remove your credit card information out of Amazon and then if you do hit the ‘buy’ button, you have to re-enter the card information all over again. Should be a deterrent and at least give you a few minutes to re-think about that purchase. Try it. You have to go in to the system through your computer.

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