Hey Fairfielders, Save Money, Save the Earth: Are You Single Stream Recycling?

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Mambo Sprouts, an organic and natural foods coupon resource, announced that September is Recycling Month.  I understood April to be that month because of Earth Day, but hey, why not take another opportunity to remind Fairfielders about Single Stream Recycling? 

Did you know? Every ton of material that is not disposed of as trash saves Fairfield money.

Educating Fairfielders about Single Stream Recycling in April 2012 with her Girl Scout Troop.

Change is hard.  Change takes time.  Fairfield switched over to Single Stream Recycling in July 2011.  In April 2012, my daughter’s Girl Scout troop had educational tables for two days about the new system and found that their time was well worth it.  Many folks in town had not yet heard about it and/or didn’t understand what it meant.  Here is a link to the Single Stream Recycling Guide they distributed.

The things I love to recycle now that I couldn’t before:

  • Plastics #1 – 7 – Yogurt cups, red solo cups, all those plastic take-out containers, even the tiny Moe’s salsa cups and tops.  Before throwing it away, please look for that recycling triangle.  Chances are you can throw it in the recycling bin instead of the trash can.
  • Toilet paper rolls.  Yes, every bit counts!  Paperboard egg cartons (not styrofoam – what are you doin’ buyin’ those styrofoam egg cartons, anyways!) and tissue and other paperboard boxes
  • Milk cartons and asceptic cartons (half and half milk cartons, shelf stable almond milk and juice cartons)

If you have a Fairfield “A” Beach sticker, you can bring your recycling to the town dump for free.  We don’t have garbage service, so I tend to bring my recycling to the dump more often than trash.  With single stream recycling and composting, it takes us five weeks to fill up our one garbage can.  If you have a flexible work schedule and want to do what our family is doing, use these fliers here.  Cutting down our garbage not only saves our family money, but our town’s garbage fees as well. We can all get behind saving money for our town!

It’s never too late to start right now!

~Aimee, TFF

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