Frugal Foodie Garden Near-the-end-of-August Update

Praying that this will turn into a good-sized pumpkin for pie. 

First “Red Marconi” Sweet Pepper! Yay!
More peppers to come…
Tomatillos are new to me. I got two seedling plants from a Food Co-op Friend. Anyone have any advice or good recipes? Salsa?
These hot peppers are from seedlings from one of my husband’s former students. Thank you, Daniel!
Spirea to attract good pollinators…
Butternut squash in the front garden – coming along.
Cucumber planted in late July – an experiment!
Our beautiful summer sunflower is almost ready for cutting down for seed saving. I will put a paper bag over it to protect it from hungry birds and hopefully speed up the seed-drying process.
Comstock “Sauce N’ Slice” Tomatoes coming along. We are distributing cherry tomatoes to friends and family who helped us out while we were away on vacay last week.

Happy Growing!

~Aimee, TFF

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