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Last night we had our nephew over for dinner and, while basting the chicken in the oven, in haste, some of the honey mustard marinade spilled on the oven floor.  (Unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of oven you can line with aluminum foil.) Luckily, I did it early enough in the cooking that there was no burnt smell, and dinner was lovely. Here’s the honey mustard chicken recipe, if you’re interested.

Before bed, I covered the burnt-on chicken sauce with baking soda and sprinkled it with water.  That’s all there is to the DIY oven cleaner. Here’s what it looked like and the steps I took:

DIY Oven Cleaner: baking soda sprinled with water. This is what it looked like after soaking over night.

This, and many recipes for DIY household cleaners we use, comes from an April/May 2007 Mothering Magazine article I have saved and put in the front of my binder of collected cookbook recipes.

I then took this plastic purple mesh bag that once held garlic to use as a non-stick scouring pad.
Being creative is the best thing about being frugal. The mesh bag worked great! Amy Dacyczyn, of The TIghtwad Gazette would be proud!
One little stubborn burnt-on part was no match for my wooden spatula.
Clean in no time, with no toxic oven cleaner outgas!

Whether you are concerned about your family budget’s bottom line, your health, the environment, or all three, DIY household cleaners work just as well as products purchased at the store, only more frugal and sustainable.  Give this simple oven cleaner recipe a try!

~Aimee, TFF

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4 thoughts on “DIY Oven Cleaner

  1. Ooh just the cleaning advice I’ve been looking for, thank you 😀 I’ve come from a long time back at uni in sheffield studying my PHD. In my shared house we’d chip together and use oven cleaner sheffield which are great, but now I’m back in Birmingham! Can anyone suggest anywhere? I will put the frugal and green cleaning tips to practice as soon as I have the time 😀

  2. Lots of cleaning equipment can be use in order to clean our oven. And one of the product popularly use is the baking soda. Glad to know that by this simple product, it can lessen of our worries in kitchen.

    1. Hi, thanks for writing in. Baking soda is truly one of the most versatile products in the world. Happy Holidays! ~Marilyn, TFF

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