Frugal Foodie Guest Blogger: Discover Affordable, Fresh Produce at the International Market in Bridgeport, CT

Dr. Matt has been our family chiropractor for seven years.  Here is, what I hope, the first of many guest blogposts. ~Aimee, TFF
Fresh produce at the Byward Market
Fresh produce at the Byward Market (Photo credit: Jamie in Bytown)

I’ve been a fan of the “Two Frugal Fairfielders” blog, written by my friends Aimee and Marilyn, for some time now.  It’s about saving money (who doesn’t want to save these days?) but more importantly about values, parenting and life in general.  I’d like to share a money saving tip.

My family eats a lot of fresh produce which, as you know, can be expensive!  Recently I stumbled across the International Market on Main Street in Bridgeport.  They have every ethnic ingredient you want, a fresh seafood market and lots of produce.  On my last trip there I got 4 pounds of tomatoes, 5 large cucumbers, 2 heads of celery, 5 pounds of loose carrots, 2 green peppers, 5 pounds of sweet potatoes, one bunch of beets and a head of kale for $18.51!  Two bags!  I estimate that at Whole Foods or Mrs. Greens it would have been $50-$60.

Now wait – but it wasn’t organic!  No – but it was fresh and healthy.  Besides there is some concern about the “organicness” of the organic food we buy – is it really worth the price?  Does the health benefit of eating twice as much produce outweigh the fact that it’s not organic?  Thorough washing gets rid of the pesticides and allows me to feel good about serving it to my family.

Shopping at the International Market also provides another benefit – it will give you the opportunity to expose your kids and yourself to another world.  The diversity astounds.   Foods you have never seen before, shoppers of every color, a whole new world to investigate!

To get to the market, take Capitol Ave to Main Street (Sorrentos – a great old time Italian market/deli will be on your right); take a right and the International Market will be on your left, one block down.  Let me know if anyone wants me to take them on a tour of Bridgeport!

~Dr. Matt

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