The Tightwad Tutor–Lesson #10: Save 20% or More By Grocery Shopping Without Your Kids

The Tightwad Tutor–Lesson #10: Save 20% Or More By Grocery Shopping Without Your Kids

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Yes, these carts with kids’ seats seem ideal, but kids pop in and out of the seats, still grab things, etc. Plus, have you ever tried to handle one of these things in a store! OMG! I felt like I was driving a tractor trailer with those heavy two-seater carts! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s tough to make this a short post, but it’s worth a quick note. Shop without kids, no matter what age (babies distract, too). I spend about 20% more on groceries when I bring my kids shopping, but some people spend a whole lot more than that when they tow kids along. I’ve heard moms, dads, grandparents, caretakers give in to kids’ demands in the grocery store without batting an eye because it’s just easier to do so. I’ve been there, too. So, if I have a budget of $50 to spend, and my kids come along, I will inevitably spend about $10 more (or 20% more than my budget). I’m not a pushover at all (according to my kids). But when they ask for something healthy, how can I say no? I’ve spent an additional $10 bucks on fruit and veggies when my kids are with me now that they are teens, but it was a bit different when they were younger–same $5 to $10, different requests (bag of balloons, a small toy car, a new juice cup, that sort of thing). However even as a teen (or, especially as a teen), they still try to sneak in candy, etc., and sometimes, they are successful when they can tell that I’m distracted (by them), tired or at my wit’s end.

Yes, I know. Who in the world has time or resources to shop without kids?When my kids were young, I managed to go shopping without them at night, when the stores were empty, my husband was home, and I had some sanity to figure out the sales. Now I still go at night, and when they are in school (or when they have after-school activities). It’s worth it. I keep my sanity. I keep my budget. And I keep most junk out of the house. They ask to come at night, sometimes I let them (they occupy themselves on a good night by reading the magazines on the racks and they generally leave me alone if I’m quick). But I’m also trying to teach them to shop smart, so sometimes I say sure, come along, but only if I have to pick up a couple of items. But generally, if I have a big shopping trip planned, they do not come along!

(PS: I’m on vacation this week, so I’ll post again when I get back!)

~Marilyn, TFF


2 thoughts on “The Tightwad Tutor–Lesson #10: Save 20% or More By Grocery Shopping Without Your Kids

  1. My shopping downfall is shopping when I’m tired and hungry
    I’m usually really organized on a shopping trip,Printed list with coupons attached E coupon list plus catalinas etc,but when I’m tired things end up in the cart I didn’t plan on Something precooked ( because I know I will be too tired to cook what I had planned when I get home ) and that’s always more expensive than something from scratch Plus a snack to keep me going ’till I get home, not good for the budget or the waistline.
    Then we have the unexpected, unadvertised store specials. Now with a barely functional brain I have to figure out which is the better deal, my careful plan or this different manufactures item, do I have a coupon??? ecoupon??? help brain ,you can figure it out I tell myself
    Checking the register receipt is difficult in the best of times ( something I always do ) trying to figure it out in a brain fog just doesn’t work for me
    So, as I munch my way home, I say to myself, next time for the sake of my budget go in the morning

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