The Daily Tightwad Tutor–Lesson #8: Discover the “Sample” Feature on Your Kindle

The Daily Tightwad Tutor–Lesson #8: Discover the “Sample” Feature on Your Kindle

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If you haven’t discovered it yet, find the “Sample” feature on your Kindle. It’s free, and it allows you to sample books you may be dying to read, ones the library may not have yet, and those you don’t want to spend the money on right away. Cover via Amazon

If you have a Kindle (frugal people probably have the $79 version), there’s a free feature that you may not be aware of: the book sample.  You get about a chapter — sometimes more — of a book you’re dying to try out–you know–the kind of books that are over $10 to purchase! I have taken advantage of this free feature, found a few terrific books I have put on hold at the library, realized a few were not what I thought they’d be and found a book I actually paid to download because I was compelled to finish it thanks to the sample. (It’s a slight extension of the “Look Inside” feature that Amazon has for its books on the website. The “Samples” make great bedtime reading material, though.)

To get a sample of a just released or popular book, just browse the Kindle store, choose a book, and choose “Try a Sample” under the “Buy” option, and it’ll be sent to your line up — then…enjoy bedtime reading!  I love this free feature!

p.s.: It’s a great way to get your kids to read, too. I’ve used this trick on my son a few times, and he’s now using his Kindle again to read in bed.

~Marilyn, TFF