The Daily Tightwad Tutor Lesson #2: Dilute Everything!

Welcome to The Daily Tightwad Tutor Lesson #2: Dilute Everything!

saving money on milk
Not enough milk for breakfast? Here’s a simple trick. Dilute with water!

Yesterday you read that you should cut everything in half. Today, get in the habit of diluting everything! That’s right, cut milk, juice (cuts sugar), cleaning fluids (cuts toxicity), shampoo (cuts harshness), conditioner (thins it out a bit), body wash (it’s too concentrated anyhow) — anything liquid! Again, you will either be saving 50% or doubling your money–whichever way you look at it. For more on diluting milk, read this post.~Marilyn, TFF

2 thoughts on “The Daily Tightwad Tutor Lesson #2: Dilute Everything!

  1. Did you know most diet products have water as their first ingredient? Look at diet salad dressings for instance. First ingredient listed is water. Plus you pay a bit more for ‘diet’ also. Probably better to buy regular salad dressing and add your own water to make it diet. Or just make your own from scratch, period. And dilute.
    Thanks for the tips today!

    1. I agree with both of your suggestions, thanks! I especially cut juice and lemonade with water. Your blood sugar chemistry will thank you for it. 🙂 ~Aimee, TFF

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