Frugal Foodie: Fast, Easy, and Healthy Bread Machine Recipe (Corrected)

Fast, Easy and Healthy whole grain loaf.

This is a bit quicker to prepare than my first bread machine recipes I shared a few months back.  You may need to make adjustments according to your machine.

Just measure the flour and oats first in a bowl and set it aside.  Then, add all the other ingredients, in order, into the bread pain. Set the timer to whatever time you’d like it to be ready, usually allowing for twenty minutes for it cool before cutting for breakfast. 

Fast, Easy, and Healthy Whole Grain Sandwich Bread – 2 lb. loaf

1 3/8 cup water

2 T. butter – $.18  -OR-  2 1/2 T. coconut oil (a healthful no-cholesterol alternative to butter) – $.65

3 T. regular honey – $.25 -OR- raw honey $.57

4 1/4 c. artisan whole wheat bread flour – $1.22

1/2 c. rolled oats – $.04

1 t. sea salt – $.01

2 t. active dry yeast – $.04

TOTAL Cost = as little as $1.74 -OR- as much as $2.21 – A bargain for a 2 lb-loaf of whole grain, preservative-free bread at the push of a button or two!

~Aimee, TFF  – P.S. my bread machine post has info on where I buy my bread ingredients.