Where to Find Coupons for Organic Produce and Groceries

coupons for organic produce available at Whole Foods Market
Coupons aren’t only for junk food–but it can be a bit tricky to find coupons for healthy, organic food. There are resources, though, including Whole Foods Market, which produces its own coupons booklets. Photo: Whole Foods Market

TFF frequently gets this question: “Where do I find coupons for healthy, organic food?”  Here are some favorite resources that we’ve found along the way. 

Whole Foods Market: not everyone knows that the store has its own coupon booklets in store and online! Now you know. Also, certain ShopRite stores take Whole Foods Market coupons (they are considered “competitor’s” coupons).

ShopRite: the store offers many Super Coupons for its organic offerings–but the Super Coupons are actually in the circular. Sometimes they offer an organic coupon online that can be digitally attached to your loyalty card (this week they have an Earthbound Farms coupon for $1 off any product that can be added to your loyalty card).

Earthbound Farms: typically offers a .75 cent coupon 1-2x a week, good on any Earthbound item (and of course it can be doubled at the supermarket.

Healthy Life Deals: go to the Printable Organic Coupons Tab here and voila! Here is your ultimate list of organic coupon offers…I am so happy to have found the Laura’s Lean Beef coupon because I’m out of organic beef!

Organic Food Coupons.com: a website specializing in what else…organic food coupons! There’s an abundance of links to favorite companies.

Mambo Sprouts: a perennial favorite for organic coupons!

Let us know your favorite place to get coupons for organic groceries!

~Marilyn, TFF


5 thoughts on “Where to Find Coupons for Organic Produce and Groceries

  1. I registered on the Driscoll’s website last month Got an email this morning for a $.50 coupon for my birthday
    It printed twice and was good for a month
    Driscoll’s was a link from Health Life Deals a site for anything organic, not just organic foods

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