Our Kids are Furious With Us Because We Cut Cable TV–Well, Too Bad!!

It was tough, but I bit the bullet and downgraded our cable service today. The kids did not take it well at all, but we are hoping this will benefit our family more than just monetarily. 

Teen Wolf on MTV
Though my daughter can’t watch her beloved Teen Wolf show on the tv screen, we were able to watch it on the computer screen–and we saw the newest episode the day after it aired on tv. MTV is pretty smart–they know their audience is not tethered to the cable box on a Monday night. Photo: Courtesy MTV

About a half hour ago, we drastically reduced our cable from an old “Family Package” of $65-plus-change-a-month down to the increasingly popular “Economy” package for $34.95. (Not to mention that we pay for cable boxes and remotes which increases that price per month!) We’re going to save about $30 a month — not a whole lot, but better than nothing. However, OMG, my 12- and 13-year-old kids are not taking the news well. Cutting down the cable is a double-edged sword–I feel like a good mom for doing it, but I also feel like a bad mom for doing it. My 12-year-old son cried because he will no longer be able to see one of his favorite shows (a wrestling show, which I despise, because it’s violent and loud!!), and my daughter can’t see her show, MTV’s “Teen Wolf” on the big screen (and that show is becoming increasingly, um…weird!). My son said that $81 a month (which is what it totaled with everything added up) was cheap! I thought maybe, just maybe, I should have waited for summertime to be over and for school to start, but I heard my son mimicking some dumb wrestling yell, and I had it with television!

An hour later, my daughter is not talking to me and my son is rebounding for the moment by reading some magazine and inserting contacts on his inexpensive Tracfone. I know there will be lots of positive things that come out of this cable-cutting, as this mom describes in her blog, The Butterfly Movement, on cutting cable.

One of the reasons we were moved to cut back on cable was because we witnessed the kids watching more and more tv on the computer, anyhow! So, it’s a no-brainer!

Okay, so now, my kids are on the way to hang out at the park. Probably to complain about their awful parents who cut cable! But I’m hoping they will thank us in the future.

Update: Later the same evening….okay, my kids are taking it much better.We had a lovely family evening together. My daughter found her beloved tv show online (full episodes) for free and she’s back to her darling self. My son, well, he’ll deal with it fine because he’s a boy minus all the drama (no pun intended).

~Marilyn, TFF

8 thoughts on “Our Kids are Furious With Us Because We Cut Cable TV–Well, Too Bad!!

  1. We cut our cable and switched to Dish TV which has a family package for only $19.99 a month. We only get ‘G’ rated channels (Hallmark etc) and Bloomberg, HLN and Fox News in addition to basic CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and Fox Broadcasting. It took a while to get used to. Every month we get ‘free’ cable channels to try, like Style, OWN, HBO, EPIX, etc. at no charge. We also have a DVR, a 2nd room box, plus 2 remotes, all for that $19.99.
    There are so many great shows on regular broadcasting, such as The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, Doc Martin as well as all those reality shows (American Idol etc) and great cooking shows on PBS. It’s been a few years now. I love it!
    We did get an opportunity to increase to more channels at just $10 more a year, but after a few days I noticed that most of the shows you get for free on regular broadcasting were just being rerun on Cable, such as The Closer, NCIS etc. The upgrade was a waste of money, so we went back to the $19.99 package.

    Good luck. Kids will adjust. We all do.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for letting us know about Dish TV. I checked into it and with the activation fee plus some other fee, it would be about $35 a month, which is a bit cheaper than what I think our bill will turn out to be for the economy cable package. The channels are all basically the same (except for some proprietary Dish versus some proprietary cable channels). I am definitely going to keep Dish TV in mind if I see that economy cable package inching up in cost (just don’t trust any of these cable tv companies with those erroneous fees!)…only problem is we have so many darn trees surrounding our house even though we’ve already thinned it out, I’m pretty certain it’s still too dense for Dish TV, but could be an option…. ~Marilyn, TFF

      1. Maybe Dish TV could waive the activation fee. Well, good luck. Hope your children come around. You’re doing the right thing.

          1. also, if you apply ‘auto pay’ you can get some more deals. i keep a credit card on file and so far, it’s been at least 5 to 6 years I’ve been with Dish TV with no increase in price. Once they did increase me but I gave them a call and we’re back to $19.99 a month. Personally, I like the company and the service.

            1. So frustrating! My husband (the original tightwad) refuses to consider Dish tv because he said the price will go up no matter what. I told him your experience, etc. He won’t budge. Sigh…
              ~Marilyn, TFF

              1. Men! Well, at least you tried. But you do know when they sign you up and give you the $19.99 you agree to a 1 to 2 year contract, without an increase, right? When the contract is up, I tell them I am leaving, so the price doesn’t increase, it stays the same and I stay.

                Keep the faith. You two ladies are the best examples of frugal living I know and always give the best advice! Keep on, keeping on. We can only do our best.
                PS: maybe if you call back Direct TV and tell them your husband is worried about a price increase, maybe they will throw in a sports package or something to convince your hubby to switch. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?????

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