Frugal and Sustainable: Flowers in Your Home Garden to Welcome Pollinators

Monarda (folkname: Bee balm) is a companion to tomatoes. Easily transplanted, I got mine from my brother-in-law, Mike, three years ago. Now it’s in three places in my yard.
Nasturtium is edible and compatible with squash plants. Marigold is a natural insect repellent.
My developing sunflower, a great bee attracter.
Last year’s sunflower. Welcome, pollinating bee!
Roses are companions to cucumbers. Who knew?
Nothing says summer like…
…hydrangea and..…daisies!

Welcome those pollinators with beautiful perennial flowers.  You dig?

~Aimee, TFF

Last year’s sunflower before right before Tropical storm Irene destroyed it…