Spotted: ShopRite in Fairfield Tries a Different Approach With Coupons

shoprite's new approach to coupons
A cool little experiment–coupons under the bread for the taking! (Sorry for the blurry photo–best I could do undercover with a phone camera!)


Well, this is unusual. On a quick shopping trip to Fairfield’s ShopRite, I found coupons sticking out of each loaf of bread! Not really a peelie, and not really a blinkie. Just a plain old $1/1 coupon for Sarah Lee bread sticking out of the shelf. Maybe the sales rep for the bread company put them there? I couldn’t find the manager to ask, but it sure got my attention. Of course there’s always the issue of keeping this sort of display neat! But it is kind of an attention-getter to put the actual high-value non-peelie-coupon right UNDER the product. Very catchy. Good idea, ShopRite!

~Marilyn, TFF



2 thoughts on “Spotted: ShopRite in Fairfield Tries a Different Approach With Coupons

  1. My Dad was a route bread salesman for years for another bread company. The companies get an allotted space in the bread aisle and actually get pretty upset when a competitor encroaches! The actual store (SR in this case) doesn’t even stack the bread, that is the route salesperson’s job. I am 99% sure that the route salesperson left those as a bonus to push his/her product. They receive (or at least used to!) additional compensation, based upon the number of sales (per pkg not by price) so this salesperson is trying to entice shoppers to pick his/her bread over a competitor’s. A recent food section article in my local paper (Danbury News times) compared whole wheat breads of various companies. If I recall correctly, the brand depicted above, didn’t do well. A PR recovery tactic, perhaps?

    1. LOL, I saw the same article on wheat bread (none of them did so well :–/ ), but maybe it is a pr tactic! Marilyn

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