Are McMansions Making a Comeback? Yup, At Least in Fairfield, CT (Cringe!)

Bigger is better–still seems to be the mantra in Fairfield, CT. McMansions seem to be rising from the dead. 

The McMansion in question. Note the ten-foot-high tower on the upper left of the house. Photo: Genevieve Reilly/Fairfield Citizen

The Connecticut Post ran an article today, “South Benson House Sparks Debate Over What is Too Big” about a new house of over 6,000 square feet being built in the beach area. Neighbors complain that this sweet, quaint town has gone to the real estate dogs because of this house. Because of THIS house? How about all the other oversized houses around town built in recent years? (Read more about the Fairfield mega-house in the Fairfield Citizen newspaper here.)

next teardown at the beach in Fairfield, CT
The next teardown around the corner from the McMansion. The house slated to be torn down is in great shape. So sad. Photo: by Connor Syarto

Honestly, I was shocked to see that McMansions are still being built in this town. I thought maybe, just maybe, this scourge of real estate was finally over. And finally the papers are running articles about this what I hoped was a declining trend. But now that new housing construction has taken a slight upturn because of increasing confidence in the housing market’s recovery (read more here), could more tear downs and McMansions be on the way for Fairfield County? I cringe at the thought…