Frugal and Sustainable: Delicious Organic Produce from Sport Hill Farm

Organic lettuce, squashes, early green pepper, and…
…red cherry tomatoes. All this organically grown, fresh produce for $15.00!

Our family is participating in Sport Hill Farm’s “Crop Cash Program.”   See my post that includes information about it. 

On Wednesday’s visit to the farm, I got all of the above for $15.00.

Tonight’s salad included one head of lettuce, one green pepper, and a bunch of the cherry tomatoes.  I grilled one of each the two different summer squashes.  They were a great side to hamburgers made with the last of the ground meat from our beef share (that’s info for another post).

Green bags will keep the remaining produce fresh in the refrigerator longer than regular produce bags.  These help you save money and eat fresh!  I wash and re-use these bags as often as I can.  They are also great for keeping my bread loaves and homemade buttermilk hamburger rolls fresh, too.

The Crop Cash Program is a great way to supplement our home garden as we wait for our tomatoes to ripen.

Support your local farmer and buy in-season.  It’s a win-win for our local environment, our economy, your wallet and, most of all, your health.

Your health is your wealth!

~Aimee, TFF


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