Frugal Foodie Produce: The Dirty Dozen Plus List

Unfortunately for us, food today is way different than that of our grandparents and great-grandparents.  Produce is heavily sprayed with harmful pesticides.  The Environmental Working Group updated their Dirty Dozen Produce List to include green beans and kale.  Download the new The Dirty Dozen Plus List here to your phone or computer. 

From a budget standpoint, I rely on this and the “Clean 15” list when in the grocery store.  Belonging to a food co-op has also made eating organic produce affordable.  Read my previous post about it here.  Our family also supports local, organic Sport Hill Farm through their “Crop Cash Program.”

There are many reasons to choose to buy organic produce.  Consider this perspective by David Wann, author of the books Affluenza and Simple Prosperity.

When it comes to food, cheap is not affordable.  Investing in healthy, clean produce is a long-term health investment.

Why does it seem, more and more, like being healthy is a revolutionary act?

For strength for the stuff of life, eat like your grandparents!  ~Aimee, TFF

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