What to Do With All Those Evil Plastic Grocery Bags Floating Around Your House

I’m probably in the minority on this one: I’m in favor of the plastic grocery bag. Here’s why. 

The plastic grocery bag is bad, I know, and they will no doubt be banned even in Connecticut one day. But until then, I have a 101 uses for them. I keep a bunch in big recycled, great-quality pickle jars. I typically recycle each one at least twice. Same with plastic baggies and bread bags. No kidding.

Kind of looks like sand-art, doesn’t it? Not really, I know. But these huge glass pickle bottles do a great job of holding those wily plastic grocery bags, plastic baggies, and bread bags. Putting the bags in empty tissue boxes to pluck one at a time when needed never worked well for me.

Years ago I learned to wash out baggies and bread bags for reuse. But after all types of plastic bags are banned, I’m not sure how I’ll manage the following (not so pretty to read…):

  • bagging up cat vomit (and stray stool that my old cat tends to leave around…)…this is the toughest one!
  • bagging up (smelly, messy, liquid-y) foods that cannot go in my compost…this is a tough one…
  • bagging up the fat cut off from boneless chicken breasts…
  • lining garbage cans in our kids’ rooms/bathrooms for all the weird stuff they throw in there…
  • taking plastic bags in my car for the inevitable accident/wet bathing suit/drenched socks/muddy sneakers. A cloth bag, backpack will do…
  • my son takes his gym clothes in a plastic bag to and from school since it holds in the odor pretty well. So, I guess a cloth or mesh bag will have to do in the future.
  • creating my own Shake-and-Bake using a bread bag (not sure how much longer the bread bag will be around), but a jar will do.
  • covering each homemade french fry with butter and seasonings (you put cut-up potatoes, seasonings, and softened butter all together in a bread bag, tie it closed, and then massage the bag so that every piece of potato is covered in the mixture–works like a miracle). Guess I can just mix in a bowl from now on…
  • putting polishing clothes in a baggie to keep them from drying out–guess I can find a jar with a lid for this one.

I’m sure I’ll learn to adapt in a bagless household, but I’m a bit worried about how to clean up that cat vomit without a plastic bag to hold it all together! What will people with dogs do without plastic pooper-scooper bags?

~Marilyn, TFF


5 thoughts on “What to Do With All Those Evil Plastic Grocery Bags Floating Around Your House

  1. I use the plastic bags for many of the same reasons you do, but still, I have way more than I need. I take my extras to the thrift store, they are always using them to place customer’s purchases in.

  2. Hi TFF Ladies! I’ve been sick so haven’t had a chance to get to the library in weeks. I went in today for a while and did some sorting and filing, the expired bin is officially overflowing. What should I do with the expired coupons? The expiring soon bin is virtually now empty, all cut loose coupons are filed but I didn’t have enough time to go through the envelopes and pull out the expired coupons, sorry! Many thanks to everyone who has been keeping the area tidy! I apologize for being a slacker the past few weeks…

    On another note I saved $65.00 (about 75% of my total) at Shoprite today! Please check out Living Rich With Coupons, it is an extremely informative site, you won’t be disappointed!! When is the next meeting?

    1. Hi Patti! Hope you are feeling better. Thank you so much for all the organizing you do for the Coupon Exchange! Regarding the expired coupons, since June is such a busy month for us moms, I think that we should recycle them. Thanks for the tip about Shoprite. I’ve gotten some great deals there. I like that they frequently offer coupons for produce. I decided to tell one of the managers about how I appreciate this and she was so grateful that I was approaching her about something positive. That felt good! Next Coupon Exchange meeting is June 25. See you there with kids in tow… ~Aimee, TFF

  3. I keep a few in the trunk for my ( now very rare ) trips to Costco
    Don’t understand why we don’t have biodegradable ones that disintegrate after a year,same as in England ?

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