Frugally Sustainable: Learn to Make a Home-cooked Meal

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FACT:  There’s a lost generation of people who cannot cook, don’t know where their food comes from or how to eat a balanced meal. – Jamie Oliver 

Learn to Cook! – Start here >>Jamie’s homecooking skills website

Celebrate the first-ever Food Revolution Day, May 19, 2012!   Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced home cook, participate in this Day of Action by making a home-cooked meal.  If you are a parent, involve your children and show them how cool it is to make your own food.  Add it to your frugal family fun activity list.

Consider this:  North American food culture has seen a steady decline in recent generations, characterized by a dangerous slide away from nutritious and locally-grown whole foods, and toward cheap, highly processed “convenience foods.” The reason is simple: we were enticed by low prices and short-term convenience, and misinformed about nutrition and the inevitable long-term health consequences of our choices. This has been called our “Fast Food Nation,” and it’s put us on course for a shorter life expectancy, and a lower quality of life. (-taken from “Real Food for Real Kids)

Why have a Food Revolution Day?

We’re losing the war against obesity in the US. It’s sad, but true. Our kids are growing up overweight and malnourished from a diet of processed foods, and today’s children will be the first generation ever to live shorter lives than their parents. It’s time for change. It’s time for a Food Revolution.

“Since I’ve been working in America, I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who have come out to support the Food Revolution. More than 630,000 people have signed the petition, over 300,000 of you subscribe to our newsletter and thousands of you have written to me. The only message I keep hearing is that you believe your kids need better food, and that you want help to keep cooking skills alive. That’s why this Food Revolution matters.” ~Jamie Oliver

The problem stems from the loss of cooking skills at home and the availability of processed foods at every turn, from the school cafeteria to church function halls, factories and offices. This Food Revolution is about saving lives by inspiring everyone: moms, dads, kids, teens and cafeteria workers to get back to basics and start cooking good food from scratch.  (taken from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution website)

Celebrate Food Revolution Day:

  • Learn to cook
  • Know where your food comes from
  • Make every meal count by eating a variety of protein, grains, veggies, and fruit

Do what you can do.  Here’s to healthier eating!

To your health and wealth,

~Aimee, TFF


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