DIY Furniture: My husband’s homemade patio bench

Marilyn and I are so lucky that we have husbands who are willing to tackle a house job – all in the name of frugality – whether it is something that needs to be fixed or replaced (car or vacuum cleaner part) or redone (basement or bathroom).  And, how funny it is that we both have husbands named Steve! 

For a change, here is a fun project that my Steve did in a weekend’s time, courtesy of Furniture Design Bank: Homemade patio bench.  Total cost: $58.00.  The immeasurable value – a wealth of pride in creating a well-built piece of furniture,  fun/teachable moments with our children (they were given doable, safe tasks), and joy of being self-sufficent.

A furniture project he’d like for the future is to build a “Farmhouse Table.”  Anyone have any good building instructions for that?

~Aimee, TFF

Finished product – honey gold stained new patio bench.

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    1. Thanks! And, thanks for the link to the website. More fun, utilitarian projects ahead!!! ~Aimee, TFF

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