Kashi is not as healthy as we thought

This is a follow-up to my last post – It never ceases to amaze me how Big Corporations think they can get away with pulling the wool over the consumer’s eyes.  Hopefully, those days are over.  More and more people want to know what is in their food and from where it comes.  Tell Kellogg’s you know the truth about Kashi.

Ignorance is not bliss.  Be aware, your health and wealth depend on it.

~Aimee, TFF

UPDATE: This campaign worked! Thanks to so many of you who put the pressure on Kellogg’s. Now Kashi products have the NON-GMO Project label, and Kellogg’s is working to offer more food made with organic and non-gmo ingredients.

Tell Kellogg’s You’re Boycotting Kashi!

The Green Grocer, an independent natural food store in Rhode Island, yanked so-called “natural” Kashi products off the shelves and posted this note in their place:

“Where’s my Kashi?! You might be wondering where your favorite Kashi cereals have gone. It has recently come to our attention that 100% of the soy used in Kashi products is Genetically Modified, and that when the USDA tested the grains used there were found to be pesticides that are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors.”

It’s true, most Kashi and Kellogg’s products are contaminated with GMOs. If you write Kellogg’s to complain, they will try to tell you how great GMOs are. We know better!

Tell Kellogg’s you’re boycotting Kashi until they stop using Monsanto’s GMOs. And please stop buying so-called “natural” processed foods. Most of them are tainted with GMOs and pesticides, just like Kashi’s non-organic brands. Fill your shopping basket with organic products instead .

Take action!