A Worthwhile Reality Show: CT Financial Reality Fairs for Teens

I watch my middle-schoolers budget their tiny bits of money–one is saving up for an iPad, the other just bought a used bike with his money. My daughter, who is saving up for an iPad, had to be enlightened about a few things like the tax on the item, the 1-year replacement program (must have for teens), and of course there’s the cover for the iPad. All in all, it went well over the $399 she thought she’d have to shell out. I am hoping that the CT Financial Reality Fair for Teens reaches the area’s middle schools one day! 

This week, The Credit Union League of Connecticut’s Financial Reality Fair took place at the Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport where hundreds of area high school juniors visited to get a feel for what real life budgeting means. Co-sponsored by Unilever, the unique fair is filled with volunteers acting as high-pressure salespeople trying to sell expensive gadgets and cars to the teens who have allocated funds for living. It’s eye-opening.

For more info on the fairs, please visit the website here.

Thanks again, Credit Union League, for one of the most valuable services in Connecticut!

~Marilyn, TFF