Learning How to Live in Less Space: Small House Movement is….Growing (Plus, New Videos)

For anyone who lives in a home less than 2,000 square feet and loves it, in spite of the large and oversized homes around you, rejoice! The Tiny House Movement (or the small house movement/anti-McMansion movement, whatever you’d like to call it….is here). Granted, I could not live in a Tiny House with kids, but there are families that do that! See the video of a family of four living in a 168-square-foot house here on this site, too (thanks to Anderson Cooper’s show where the family was featured)! Note: The family living in this tiny house was affected by the economy, and they are actually saving up money to build a larger mortgage-free home–read more of their story here. And, there’s a documentary on this movement, too. Read about and see the trailer for “We The Tiny House People” here.

By the way, here’s my own mantra and I’m proud of it: “We use every square inch of our house.”  How many people in large houses can say that?

A small, mobile home built at the Portland (Or...
A small, mobile home built at the Portland (Oregon) Alternative Dwellings Little House workshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Watch this short new video: Small House on the Move

Read this article (by yours truly): What’s So Big About the Small House Movement?

Listen to this radio piece: Let’s Get Small: The Tiny House Movement

Read this book: Pocket Neighborhoods by Ross Chapin (architect, see below)

Read this blog: The Tiny House Blog

Read about this architect: Ross Chapin (see above)

Read about Tumbleweed homes (pioneers of movement): Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

~Marilyn, TFF

5 thoughts on “Learning How to Live in Less Space: Small House Movement is….Growing (Plus, New Videos)

  1. Better look to your soil. raised beds in sandy soil is a worthless venture. Only do beds in high rainfall areas and/or wet soils. I’m in dry Mt Shasta CA, and I must use sunken beds due to hydrophobic silty sandy soils. Master Gardener.

  2. I raised my 2 kids in a 1400 sq ft home (8 rooms). Later downsized to a 1000 sq ft home (4 rooms). I enjoy living smallish. Saves lots of energy, time and money.

  3. Well I guess they are definitely not extreme couponers No stockpiling for them

    1. They have a lot of land around their homes that they can use for stockpiling non-perishables, though! ~Marilyn

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