Why I Still (Sometimes) Love PriceRite

I’ve had sort of a love/hate relationship with PriceRite. Loved it when it opened, hate it now that prices are going up. But there are still a few things I go there to get that I can’t get a better deal on elsewhere. Or, should I say, the same products cost more at its sister store ShopRite…

These exact same groceries cost me $7.39 at PriceRite, and would have cost me $10.67 at ShopRite (assuming none of the items were on sale). It’s worth the savings to go to PriceRite for items my family uses and loves when I’m in the area so I don’t waste my savings on gas.

For example, I went there today to get my PriceRite staples: seltzer, Portuguese bread and honey pretzels. We drink a lot of seltzer in our house (in place of soda)–we add juice to seltzer, we drink it plain, we just love it. But the same bottles that go for .39 cents at PriceRite go for .50 cents at ShopRite (but they’ve been on sale for .33 cents a bottle at ShopRite, too). I’ve even found the seltzer for .25 cents a bottle at PriceRite when I hit it just right. My kids love the Chaves Portuguese bread, but it’s a full dollar more for the same exact package at ShopRite. The honey pretzels are $1.29 at PriceRite and normally $1.69 at ShopRite (but I’ve found them for sale for a buck a bag at ShopRite, too). So, though I don’t make it to PriceRite nearly as often as I used to, the store still has some expected, and some unexpected deals, enough to keep me going.

~Marilyn, TFF