Simple Paper Napkins in a Pinch for Pennies

My TFF blogging partner, Aimee, is lucky. Her family agrees to use cloth napkins. I think she’s successful because her kids learned to use them at an early age.

Napkins in a pinch for less than pennies.

I missed the boat on that one, and my family has an aversion to using cloth napkins, so every week I dole out money–too much money–for this silly thing called paper napkins. But all the waste, and all the money–did I mention money? — is getting to me. I weaned my family off of boxes of tissues (except when they have bad colds), and instead, they use toilet paper for that job. We get quality TP (with coupon), no one complains. Packaged napkins will be the next paper goods item checked off my shopping list for good.

We ran out of paper napkins this week and in a pinch at breakfast, I grabbed the roll of Bounty paper towels (great sale + coupon). One sheet is too large for a napkin. I grabbed the scissors and cut a sheet up in fours, put them in the napkin holder, and everyone was happy. I did a little calculating and here’s what I came up with.

  • Price I typically pay for 250 basic, no-frills store-brand napkins: $1.65 (PriceRite) to $1.88 (Stop & Shop).
  • That means each napkin = .0066 cents a napkin from PriceRite and .0075 cents a napkin from Stop & Shop.
  • Price for one roll of 2-ply Bounty paper towels (sale and coupon) .42 cents.
  • 46 Sheets on one Bounty roll x 4 napkins made from each sheet = 184 napkins from one roll.
  • I have 184 napkins for .42 cents, making each napkin .0023 cents. Great if 2-ply paper towels are on sale.
~Marilyn, TFF