Couponers Find Stop & Shop and ShopRite Less Expensive Than PriceRite

The gap between food prices at PriceRite and ShopRite/Stop & Shop is quickly narrowing.

The other day during my coupon group exchange, I sat in and listened to one person say that she wanted to go to PriceRite instead of a store that accepts coupons. (PriceRite is the sister store to ShopRite—and PriceRite is a no-frills store that doesn’t accept coupons. Read more about how to shop at PriceRite here.) I agree, sometimes couponing is a hassle and it’s nice to just walk into a store that does not accept coupons and not feel the coupon-stress.

ShopRite (United States)
ShopRite's sales often beat the price of its budget store, PriceRite. (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve written numerous posts about PriceRite and how much I love the store. There are certain items I will buy there (Italian breads, non-organic fruits, seltzer, some ice creams). But its prices are slowly going up, too. It’s not as inexpensive to shop there as it once was, and, if you are couponing, you will soon sadly realize PriceRite may not be the bargain basement of grocery stores anymore.

Here are a couple of quick comparisons this week (3-25th):


-Pepperidge Farm Goldfish: $1.99

-Selter .39 cents each lowest

-Sugar free chocolate popsicles .99 cents a pkg


Stop & Shop: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish on sale BOGO (no -coupon) $2.39 for 2 ($1.20 each)

-ShopRite: seltzer 3 for $1 (no coupon)

-ShopRite: Same sugar free chocolate popsicles .99 cents a pkg (no coupon)

The other week I noted many, many more deals at both Stop and Shop and ShopRite that cost less money than the fixed prices at PriceRite. As long as you study the circulars and use coupons on top of sales, you will usually come out spending less money at the mainstream stores than you will at PriceRite.

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