Are Couponers Happier Than Non-Couponers?

I’ve heard people call couponers many names–from hoarders to losers–but recently, I heard a positive comment, from of all people, my 13-year-old daughter. Being a middle schooler, most things I do annoy her. Couponing also annoys her, but she does see the benefits.

“Mom, you are so much calmer now that you are couponing,” she said a couple of days ago. coupons

“Me? Calm?” I was incredulous over this unsolicited remark. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, because you don’t get mad at us for eating so much now, and I don’t know, you’re just calmer, Mom!”

Hmmm. I tried to find statistics on whether or not couponers are happier than non-couponers. No such luck. But I believe there are a few reasons behind her observations. For one, I am a lot more in control of my budgeting and that would make anyone calmer. I also do not get so mad at the stores for increasing food prices. I don’t hate grocery shopping like most people; in fact I love it because it’s thrilling to come out of the store with so much healthy food for so little money.  It’s kind of fun, actually. And, maybe I’m calmer because I’m actually good at couponing. I like to do it, I like to teach people how to do it, and I love to hear how people save so much money.

Thank you, dear daughter, for noticing how couponing has changed the lives of so many people.

Marilyn, TFF


2 thoughts on “Are Couponers Happier Than Non-Couponers?

  1. This is funny! I just posted about how I can’t stop couponing and bargain shopping despite having a full pantry and freezers. I do not hoard, and am no where near an extreme couponer, but I love saving 50% or more on groceries every week. I have convinced myself to lower my weekly budget again (which also makes me happier!). There truly is something calming and happy about being in control of something so important to your family when there’s so few things we can control elsewhere. Great post!

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