Cash-Only Challenge Diary: March 2012

So…where is all this extra cash coming from?


This isn’t all about using cash, however. It’s about budgeting, too.

But I’ll disclose this: um, errrr, I sorta used my debit card this week. Gulp. The good thing: I was extremely conscious of how much I was buying/pumping gas, etc. so I was able to stay in the budget I set. That means: $25 for my gas, $60 for my husband’s gas, $75 for food (happily including lots of fruits–including organic strawberries from Shoprite–and vegetables and yes, thank goodness for coupons from our local coupon exchange club), $20 for “blow cash,” allowance, etc. It all worked out, and I was able to eliminate yet another annoying little debt with what was “extra.”

No doubt, I will come up against one of those days/weeks/months where this carefully planned budget will fall apart–at least I’m anticipating it! What I’m loosely planning is that I’ll have to rearrange the budget, take a little from here, nip and tuck there, and crossing fingers it’ll all balance. Gail Vaz-Oxlade would be proud. (she likes those balanced budgets!).

I will get back to putting cash into my wallet. Starting Monday! Why is this so difficult? My head knows how bad it is to continue on this path of debit card use. But, it’s clearly a habit to NOT use cash, which is why it’ll take time to get into the habit of only using cash. Anyhow, Monday morning first thing, off to the bank I go for cash.

I will post again in two weeks!

~Marilyn, TFF


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