Local Study Says Demand for Affordable Organics on the Rise

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Today in the Connecticut Post newspaper, there is an article based on a study, “Organics on the Rise, Study Says.” See the study here, by TABS Group in Shelton, CT.

A couple of highlights of interest to frugal shoppers:

One of the most surprising findings is who is buying organic products: people earning less than $30,000 a year and people with children.

But the marketplace is also starting to see the price gap between organics and regular foods closing.

Yes, there’s more demand, an increase in supply, and more selection, but also remember that some lower-priced organic food comes from larger consumer goods companies with questionable business practices. But the good news is that larger consumer goods companies are coming out with affordable organics. Maybe that means more coupons…

Marilyn and Aimee, TFF