Shopper Habits Have Changed Due to Expensive Food Prices

shopping habits of changed...or have they?
Have our shopping habits really changed and if we are more frugal, will we stay more frugal for the long run? Studies say that we will…Photo: gmnonic, Flickr

There are two  new posts out about our changing shopping habits. One post from the Gourmet Retailer reports that consumers around the country don’t bulk shop, but they visit stores more often (probably because they are unemployed or they are hoping to find those elusive food bargains!).

Another post just out this morning from, says that an “enduring shift” has taken place due to the recession. The study Gaebler quotes says that 72 percent of all consumers surveyed indicated that their shopping habits have changed in some way while only 7 percent made no changes at all.

The bottom line: more Americans have become frugal, and that mindset may (or may not) endure for a while (think the lingering Depression-era mindset of older generations).