How to Shop Price Rite Part One

Price Rite on Main Street is clean, bright, and cheap! Photo: Courtesy of Price Rite

If you don’t mind buying store brands or generic, you will want to head to Price Rite on Main Street in Bridgeport. This Frugal Fairfielder purchased $47.50 worth of groceries that would have gone for more than $60 or $70 at other area stores.

If you must have your favorite brands, Price Rite has some of them, but not all, and it is hit or miss with the prices (always check the unit prices, especially important at Price Rite where something looks gooooood and cheap, but compare it to other products’ unit prices and it’s not so goooood and cheap).

Here are a few great finds of the day–there are more there, but will find them next time.

Best Bets:

Generics: Napkins 250 count for $1.49, Apple Juice $1.19, Romaine lettuce .63 cents, jug of OJ for $2.49 (same thing is $3.99 elsewhere), gallon of ice cream in various flavors $1.79 (pretty good price).

Brands: Perdue Chopped Turkey 1 lb. pkg $1.49!  Axelrod Yogurts for .33 cents a cup, there are more…

Caution: Stay Tuned for Part Two Post on “How to Shop Price Rite”–there is a definite process that you will want to follow for best and cheapest results!



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