How to Shop Price Rite Part Two

As promised in Part One, there is a 5-step process to shopping at Price Rite that you will want to follow to make your trip easier. There will be a Part Three –there is more information from Price Rite that needs to be investigated another day (loyalty cards, etc.).

Address: Price Rite is at 4425 Main Street in Bridgeport. The easiest way from Fairfield is to drive towards Stop & Shop on Madison Avenue, take a turn on Vincelette Boulevard, and follow it to Main Street. Price Rite is on your left.

Note: Price Rite is not a luxury grocery store. You will be going outside of your comfort zone, but in many ways, it is worth it. We know many people have never been to a Price Rite, or avoided the one on Boston Post Road in Bridgeport, but the new one on Main Street is more convenient, cleaner and brighter.

How To Shop Price Rite in Bridgeport:

1. Go as early in the day as you can. Mornings are best.

2. Go on a weekday — weekends are jammed and not fun to shop.

3. Bring your own bags but when you shop, but do not pack them as you shop. You need to put all your groceries on the belt for check out. You can bag groceries AFTER you check out at the front of the store. Just glance up to see what everyone else is doing. Or, you can buy Price Rite bags (they are roomy and durable) for .10 cents each. Many people buy 10 and keep them in the car for reuse.

4. Do not bring coupons, Price Rite does not accept them.

5. They accept all forms of payment.

6. Most important–do not to there and expect to get out quickly. Do not rush through the aisles. People who shop Price Rite are surveying for bargains, so don’t bang into anyone, rush around them or act rude. This Frugal Fairfielder has experienced incredibly rude behavior by Fairfield shoppers towards other shoppers in Trader Joe’s and in the Stop & Shop by the circle near the beach.

7. Be courteous to the check out person. REALLY! Again, there is awful behavior going on in Fairfield in various stores (personally witnessed), but if you are nice to any check-out person you will have a better experience.

4. Go for the store and generic brands (some of the store brands come directly from sister chain, ShopRite–that’s the store that is taking over Shaw’s on Black Rock Turnpike). Most of the generic products that you will find at Price Rite are just like the generic store brand products you will find at any other are store, and they are just fine, taste great, and are well worth it.

5. The meat department seems quite limited–lots of chicken, but no great bargains, so don’t go expecting to find the best bargains there. For example, you can buy boneless chicken breasts for $1.99 at Price Rite, but you can find them for that price mostly anywhere during a sale.

Have a fun and frugal time at Price Rite!