Can You Use More Than One Coupon at a Time?

A reader asked this question via email: can she use more than one coupon at a time on a single item?

1. The short answer is yes, but there are restrictions. Here is a full article detailing this coupon “stacking” process.

2. The long answer (found in the article above, but if you prefer a quick answer, read on…) is that you CAN use a manufacturer’s coupon + a store coupon for maximum savings. You CANNOT use two manufacturer’s coupons together because that is considered coupon fraud.  You CANNOT use two store coupons together, either. So, you really have to read the top of the coupons to know if they are manufacturer or store coupons. Most, if not all, Internet and circular coupons from newspapers are manufacturer’s coupons.

Whether or not you can use competitor’s store coupons is yet another story–every store has a corporate policy on this, and every store has it’s own unofficial policy on this–be sure to ask at customer service, or even when you are in line checking out. This is actually on TwoFrugalFairfielder’s agenda to do…and will report back…