This Just In: Make $100 in an Hour!

Don't miss the P&G insert! It could save you $100 for just a little bit of legwork.


Make sure you don’t throw out the P&G Saver that you’ll get with your Saturday/Sunday paper! You can easily miss a page  in there that has a heading: “A Year of Savings.” Basically, you have to send in by snail mail proof that you’ve bought $50 of P&G products between Feb. 1st and April 15th. The proof they want is receipts with P&G products circled. For those of us who save shopping receipts, you probably already have $50 of P&G products. Just fill out the form, send in the receipts, and you’ll get back a booklet with $100 in coupons.  

Honestly, this just takes an hour if you have your receipts together and organized.   

Remember, to see the full list of P&G products (not all are shown on the page above), check out this link: 

Here, you will see all P&G products–you’ll see how quickly you can add up $50 you have already spent  

If you don’t see the form in your paper, just go to this link–you don’t really NEED the form according to P&G–they just want you to buy their products!  

If you save your reciepts, you’ll already have this!