Find Savings at the Service Desk

If you spot a coupon booklet at the service desk of any store, grab a few before they’re gone.

(Back and at it slowly after a week of what may have been the flu…)

If you poke around the service desks of any given Stop & Shop, you are bound to find some hidden gems–meaning, booklets with coupons in them. The courtesy desk workers barely know about them (as a Frugal Fairfielder found out). So, ask. It doesn’t hurt. And, the coupons in the booklets are pretty good–stack them with manufacturers’ coupons to create big bargains. This particular booklet shown above was found at the courtesy desk of the Stop & Shop on the Post Road in Fairfield near the circle (near the McDonald’s).

One booklet is called the “Meal Makers Savings Book” — inside you’ll find $15 in store coupons (save $1 on a number of things, such as sausage, rolls, muffins…).

There’s another hidden gem from Stop & Shop that I’ll post tomorrow. Inside, there are coupons for free veggies, etc. Be on the lookout for that Monday…

By the way, in case anyone was wondering, we do not work at all for any of the stores mentioned on this blog! We just shop there!