The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook – Book Review




The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook, by Erin Chase, gets a huge thumbs-up! 

What We Like:

-The frugal tips on each recipe page. 

-The easy and delicious recipes. 

-The cost per use for each ingredient (pretty much on target—but see below under “Caution”). 

-The tutorial for setting up a coupon binder (what a difference it makes for coupon. clippers—you can actually see what you have and when each coupon expires!). 

-The excellent recipe for oven French fries—kids absolutely love the taste. 

-Great overview on how to use coupons the right way. 

-Her down-to-earth and easy-to-read writing. 


-It’s a small issue—but author Erin Chase lives in Dayton, Ohio, where food prices are lower than they are in Fairfield, CT