Would You Risk Your Life for a Bargain?


Do I risk my life for a bargain at Price Rite?

Okay…I live in Fairfield, so what was I doing shopping at Price Rite in Bridgeport? You can’t imagine the horror I saw on many people’s faces when I told them I shopped there! So…I started to believe them–“…so dangerous,” “…are you crazy shopping there?” You can imagine the comments. I sadly stopped shopping there over a year ago…and I really, really, really miss the bargains. So…a new Price Rite is opening on Main Street in Bridgeport. Not the best area, but, not the worst. Do I go there? What do I do? What risks do we take in finding our bargains? Is it worth it to go to a questionable part of town to buy a 50 ounce Ajax laundry detergent for ninety-nine cents? Do I even like Ajax detergent? But I know from experience the prices are about 30-plus percent lower than my local Stop & Shop and Shaw’s. (But…Price Rite also doesn’t have that nifty gas savings program, either.)

This question does keep popping up. My friend, Aimee, took her life in her hands when she went to pick up a Freecycle item in the depths of Bridgeport. She’s very much alive to speak of it. I went hunting down a Freecyle item in Shelton–and the house was located down a long, long heavily treed path–and I thought, uh-oh…where am I going–no one knows I came here to get my son a free Hot Wheels comforter…oh, no! I’m very much alive to speak about it.

But what about Price Rite? Do I dare? Is it worth it? Do you risk your safety to snag a bargain?