Up For Discussion…Real Simple Magazine

Many readers love Real Simple Magazine, but I have a problem with its message contradicting its contents. The magazine is supposed to help readers simplify, declutter, watch finances, lower debt, etc., etc. I checked the January ’08 issue out of the library and was disturbed with what I found inside. The second spread of the magazine is a spread about a Citibank credit card and shows a woman who turned her kitchen into a walk-in closet. I understand the magazine business, and how it needs advertisers to survive…but go deeper into the magazine for further problems. Go to page 93 for The Top 20 Fashion Finds and you will find a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels for nearly $500 as a standout product. What!  The magazine is produced in NYC, and most likely it is run by a number of young, single 20- and 30-something urbanites who may not have mortgages and kids and who don’t understand what families need to go through when trying to save a buck. As my husband says: “Frugality starts with a change of attitude, not a subscription to a magazine that tries to promote overpriced items.”

(posted by Marilyn)