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If you feel a lack of money and abundance, discover how these essential tools and resources, including eBooks, free newsletters and planners, can help you feel that you have more than enough while living a frugal life! Frugality is rarely about being cheap or deprived. Frugality is a way of life defined by quality, value and dignified restraint. The frugal mindset: appreciate what you have.

Marilyn Zelinsky-Syarto

IMG_6252Achieve wealth in a way that optimizes your health and well-being, while leaving the world a better place for future generations. Read my Frugal and Sustainable Blogposts here to learn how to afford and cook healthy food, grow a garden, raise children to be respectful, resilient, and responsible, and live with integrity, creativity and, most of all, joy.

Aimee Guerrero

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